Ebay_pageIt has come to my attention that a very poor facsimile of my sculpture The Witch Lord has been produced by someone or some company in Indonesia and has made an appearance (and SOLD!) on Ebay.  There is little I can do about this other than reporting it to Ebay -which I have already done- and report it to any other website where it may be listed for sale.  I am looking into my options though to help prevent this from happening again.  Unfortunately, for the time being I have taken down any video or picture I posted that reveals my work in any progress phase or from multiple angles, which means The Witch Queen has also been effected by this act of copyright infringement.  Any further notifications of where else this item can be found for sale online would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all in advance! Please spread the word about this theft.  On the plus side, the resin copies of both of my sculptures are scheduled to be available this Spring and are sure to look better than this.  Peace.



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Lloyd Hargrove · December 18, 2014 at 9:08 pm

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Unfortunately those perps have not yet witnessed why we say, “Never piss off a witch!” Our spirits are with you…

inbogerosnot hamsandwich!

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