Hello and welcome to coven petition page. Below you will find the form to petition Blacktree, but before actually petitioning you may be wondering…

What does membership mean or imply?

  • Membership means that you are a part of our family.
  • Your involvement and membership in the coven will be kept private.
  • Coven is the term we use, but ‘tribe’ also works.
  • We meet at least twice a month and we encourage solitary as well as personal practice along side coven work.
  • We don’t discourage members from having other memberships to groups and orders.

What if I do not live near southern New Jersey?

  • Our apologies, but at this time, the Blacktree Tradition is in person only. Bendith

What is our view of initiation and what role does it play?

  • Initiation is used to insure coven practices.
  • Initiation is a means to make an outsider an insider.
  • Initiation is employed to align one with our current of energy, but also to bring someone into the coven and to educate them about our ways.
  • Initiation is non-binding and non-restrictive as to respect each person’s individual sovereignty as it exists before and after initiation takes place.

If you are still interested, please fill out and submit the short form below to the best of your ability if you wish to petition for membership in Blacktree Coven. Only serious and thoughtfully written petitions that we feel a kinship with will receive a reply.

  • All petitioners that are 21 or older will be considered for membership.
  • Petitions may or may not be followed up with additional questions or an in person interview.
  • Submitting a petition does not guarantee a response, interview or membership.
  • Organizing and running a coven is a huge responsibility and can be quite demanding. So, our time outside of it is often very limited.
  • Thank you, we greatly appreciate your interest.

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Are you over 21 years of age?
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Please check YES to confirm that all of the above information is true and that you understand submitting this form does not guarantee your acceptance into Blacktree Coven. You also understand that all the information provided in this petition may be read by the current membership of the coven and if so, it will be kept confidential.