EA_slider5_1000sculpture_stamp_smallWicked Castings is a product line of original works of ritual art produced by Chris Orapello.  Each piece is made of cast bronze hand finished by the artist.  Items can be explored and purchased from the artist through Eclectic Artisans.

We also offer wholesale pricing for retailers who wish to have the exclusive opportunity to carry Wicked Castings in their city.  Wicked Castings can currently be found at HEX  in Salem, MA or HEX New Orleans, LA.

Other wicked items include

witch_queen_orapello_promotional_graphic_900The Witch Queen is all things and a union of many.  She is a combination of beauty with the monstrous as so many Goddess images found to serve and relate to neopaganism strive for ideal feminine beauty more often than not and ignore the monstrous and horrific images of female divinity which can be found in many historical representations.  Inspired by such goddesses as Hekate, Kali, Lillith, Ishtar, Cerridwen, and the Morrigan the Witch Queen is meant to bring back that adoration of the monstrous and the dark side of the divine feminine while also portraying aspects of motherhood, beauty, strength, and grace; creating a dichotomy not often found or experienced in many examples of modern Pagan imagery. Click here for further info.



witch_lord_bronze_5bThe Witch Lord, with the skull of a stag, the figure is seated cross-legged, atop a platform, and bears a spear as a serpent climbs up from the earth and winds its way around his body. This iconic figure impressively combines aspects of the witchcraft, Pagan and occult tradition into one startling and striking image of the legendary Horned Lord.  Using symbolism associated with such entities as Herne the Hunter, Cernunnos, Bucca Dhu, and Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet, the artist establishes a new and powerful image for any magical practitioner to appreciate and tap into for their personal practice. Click here for further info.




btw_pentacle_5Extra Large BTW Pentacle, Crafted for those who meet once a month when the moon is full, this hand crafted, heirloom quality, solid bronze British Traditional Wiccan altar pentacle is sure to make an impression on your coven’s altar. At 9″ in diameter this magickal tool is sure to add some power to your ritual, not to mention that it’s nice and large to accommodate whatever you desire to place upon it. Cast in hot poured bronze (not cold cast resin) this item has been hand sculpted and finely finished and is ideal for all your personal spiritual use for years to come! Click here to purchase.


orapello_skullcauldron_1Skull Cauldron, Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and skull cauldron bubble? That’s right, this hand sculpted bronze cauldron was designed in the shape of a skull and crossbones to emphasize the regenerative qualities of rebirth and manifestation. Skull and bone-footing are cast in one piece for total support and stands arched above the surface upon which it is placed so that it only touches down on four fine points across the bottom of the base. Perfect for offerings, incense burning, petition magick, or whatever your wicked heart desires. This item is certain to impress and please all the witches who visit your home. Click here to purchase.