After much time, the Witch Queen prototype has finally been shipped off to Sacred Source for resin production and we could not be happier!

(limited edition bronze edition shown here)

Here are some images from along the way…

Prior to making the mold that would be used to cast her resin prototype, she was produced in wax and prepared. Vents were added to allow parts of her to fill more easily and some forms were readdressed.

The first phase of the prototype mold involved coating the wax version of her with a thick layer of rubber. The rubber captures the detail of the piece, but is also flexible to allow for easy removal of any cast items. After the rubber was complete, the mother mold was created which is a hard outer case to hold the rubber in place. Some of this part of the process was featured in a YouTube video I made.

Here we see the finished mold, upside down, after resin has been poured into it to produce the prototype for the Witch Queen.

The Witch Queen resin prototype after she was removed from the mold. Here you can see one of the mold sections in the background.

Once home, her surface was finished and any casting defects (seams/bubbles/non-fill) were addressed. She was sanded and patched repeatedly over a period of a couple of months. I shared a short time lapse video of me working on her on Facebook.

After a period of patching and sanding, she was painted to help visually unify the surface, fill any additional holes, and to tone down the bright white appearance of the resin. Parts of her were then re-sanded and patched and a final coat of paint was applied.

Here she is prior to shipping. She was mounted on a marble base which will translate into the final product in a similar manner as the Witch Lord, who appears here on the left. Like the Witch Lord, she will become available through Sacred Source later this year!

Sacred Source, 2017 Catalog

Featuring The Witch Lord statue on the cover!



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