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Since its original inception in 2009, this podcast has produced consistent quality material at no cost to the listener. Due to the immense and enthusiastic fan base this show acquired over the years and as we realize the resource the show has become for so many of you in the Pagan and Witchcraft communities, we have decided to increase our involvement in the content we are producing. After suffering a technology crisis in October of 2016, we also realized exactly how fragile the show is. Chris’ computer, the main hub of our recording and producing, went completely down, which could have completely halted the production of the podcast if we were unable to address it on our own- perhaps even indefinitely. Thankfully we were able to quickly address it, but not in the way we would have preferred and this incident made us realize that there was a serious need to establish a consistent level of financial backing to the show in order to insure that it continues to serve the dedicated audience it has developed over the years. This page, our Patreon, will also help us to not only solidify the show’s continued future, but to also create the opportunity for us to give back to you, our listeners, while also raising the status of the show in our lives to being something beyond the hobby it started out as.



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