witch_queen_in_metalRecently I was forced to make a price adjustment to the limited edition bronze statues that I produce. Believe it or not, since their availability, these items have been severally under priced in comparison to other limited edition bronze statues. I’ve come to realize after many hours of dedication that it is time that I functioned more professionally as an artist and handed over some of the production demands to the foundry. This was a hard decision, but it was also an extremely necessary one to make. Allowing the foundry to do the bulk of the work increases the cost, but it will offer a faster turnaround time on orders. It will also allow me the opportunity as an artist to produce new work which has been severely lessened by me taking on all of the production demands of the limited edition pieces as they require a lot of extra time to produce. As an artist, I can no longer do both.

Filling orders, alongside working a full time job, makes creating new work and focusing on new projects impossible. Something in this scenario had to give and it only makes perfect sense for me to function more professionally as an artist and allow the foundry to handle a chunk of the production of these pieces. This new price, which includes the foundry expense, will be used as a standard for other future limited edition statues of this size and design. Also, this change in price will only effect future orders and will not effect any current orders that are in process.

Thankfully these, and any future statues, will be happily available in resin through Sacred Source.


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