paganism_onlineThis year I will be presenting a very important subject at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day.  Well, important to me that is.  My workshop “Paganism Online: Culture & Community” has been accepted and will be happening at 11:00 AM at this year’s event!  Here is the synopsis:

Paganism Online: Culture & Community
Are you aware of the international Pagan community? If not, you should be because it’s right online for you to experience and be a part of.  In today’s world, your path has trails that extend well beyond your personal library or local community.  Join us for Paganism Online: Culture and Community to find out what you’ve been missing and put your computer and smartphones to work at broadening your Pagan experience by becoming a part of the international community.  Groups, personalities, blogs, websites, podcasts and more! If you’re not taking advantage of the internet and what is has to offer your path as a Pagan, then you’re missing out on contemporary Pagan culture as it manifests!

  • Attendees will learn about a list of options that are available to them online.
  • Such as blogs, video outlets, chat groups, forums, virtual community opportunities, and more!
  • We will even install and set up several cell phone applications that will allow access to media such as podcasts and Pagan themed radio.

Spread the word and see you there!  Be sure to bring your smartphone.



vflipdreamer · September 3, 2014 at 7:32 pm

Chris I attended your Philly Pagan Pride Day workshop and want to thank you for a well done presentation and the informational handout.

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