Coming soon to Urban Dictionary! A new use of the term “Troll-Hole” which is meant for certain types of blogs. I created the term, or so I thought, because as it turns out, the phrase has several other uses according to UD. However, this new use of the phrase was written and submitted by me.  I can already think of several blogs that this applies to.

“Troll-Hole” n

A blog where posts are made by a blogger to create drama, provoke arguments, or foster controversy. The reverse of a common internet troll who simply leaves comments to create drama. Troll-Holes are blogs written and controlled by a troll, being a writer who writes posts that are meant to create drama.

Used in a sentence, “That blog is such a troll-hole because the posts do nothing, but create drama and incite arguments among its readers.”

Will be listed here in the next few days.

Enjoy and use appropriately!

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