The Infinite and the Beyond (TI&TB) is an esoteric podcast for the introspective Pagan mind where we explore and discuss a variety of topics which relate to life and one’s unique spiritual journey!

Show topics center around Paganism, occultism, parapsychology, science, society, and culture in the 21st century. Sounds like a lot huh? Yea, we know. The culmination of these interests is the greater scope of human existence, the infinite and the beyond, but we intend on placing such issues in a more tangible context. How does one fit in this world? What are the greater possibilities in life? What lies beyond the veil of reality and existence? How much inner-self knowledge is indicative of the outer world perspective? Life is more than just one topic or avenue of thought and so, what lies at the source of it all? Come and find out on The Infinite and the Beyond!

In the Summer of 2013, the show changed its format and became the show Down At The Crossroads.  To make the original show available, Down At The Crossroads was syndicated through the same RSS feed and begins at episode #33.  Episodes 1-32 remain as The Infinite and the Beyond.  The number sequence was continued, despite the format change, for easy reference.  Down At The Crossroads is felt to be phase two of the podcast.

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