If you live in the Baltimore, MD area, next weekend is FaerieCon and Tara and I will be there presenting. Plus, if all goes well, we’ll have two dozen copies of our book for sale too. Yay! And for those of you who preordered a copy (thank you!), we’ll be signing bookplates!

Here is our schedule:

Friday (11/9)…

(4:00 – 4:50) The Hidden Landscape: Learn about the hidden landscape and what magick it has in store to the willing and daring witch who seeks to grow or deepen their practice and to learn the scope of what it means to be an animist and witch. Christopher Orapello– Salon C/D

(5:00 – 5:50) Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft: Traditional witchcraft is a wild beast with many parents and even more children. Learn how walking these crooked paths helps you forge stronger connections to your surroundings and deepens your practice on a more personal level. Tara-Love Maguire– Salon C/D

Saturday (11/10)…

(4:00 – 4:50) Baneful Plants and the Poison Path: Some plants are pretty to look at, sweet to smell, and bursting with the colors of life and laughter. Learn about the path of the poisoner, as well as some of the more utilized plants, their folklore, and how to responsibly steward them in your home garden. Tara-Love Maguire– Salon C/D

Sunday (11/11)…

(12:00 – 12:50) Flying Ointments: Long have stories been told of witches brewing noxious substances from deadly ingredients to grant them the power of flight. Modern day witches seeking their own stories may find them here- get your broomstick, it’s time to ride! Tara-Love Maguire– Salon C/D

(1:00 – 1:50) Rethinking Witchcraft: Since its emergence as Wicca during the early half of the twentieth century, the face and practice of modern witchcraft has changed and developed dramatically over the decades. How have our understandings about witchcraft changed and what does it mean to practice witchcraft in the twenty first century? Christopher Orapello– Salon C/D

The full 2018 Programming (“Mythic Forum”) schedule can be found here and also features forums by H. Byron Ballard,  Inger Johanne Syverud, and Amy Blackthorn!

It’s going to be a great weekend and we hope to see you there!




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