divination_wwJoin Christopher Orapello for Witchcraft Wednesday on September 25th 2013 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm at Good Vibrations New Age & Metaphysical, located in Blackwood, NJ for an exclusive look into the history, theory, & practice associated with the varied arts of divination!

We will…

  • Receive several handouts pertaining to the subject matter!
  • Explore and discuss various divination systems!
  • Apply divination techniques to learn and gain insight about ourselves and our paths!
  • Make a divination system to take home and use!
  • Design a unique class divination system!
  • And we will most certainly not be going home empty handed, that is for sure!

Divination is the art and practice of gaining divine insight through a system of symbols or methodology.

Witchcraft Wednesday is a monthly workshop series that explores the art of Witchcraft as a means to compliment one’s personal magickal and spiritual practice.

Registration for this workshop is $21 a person and closes Wednesday September 18th at the witching hour! NON REFUNDABLE unless the class is canceled. Seating is limited.  Registration fee goes towards the store and any workshop materials.


Workshop registration must be made in advance by the Wednesday prior to the event so the supplies can be obtained in accordance with the anticipated attendance. This workshop is organized via this website and so you must register here to attend. No money will be accepted on the night of the workshop. Just click on the PayPal “Register Now” button below to register for this workshop.






Come and get your spell on!



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