Yesterday morning David Grega passed away at the young age of 27 due to sudden cardiac arrest.  Jason Pitzl-Waters from The Wild Hunt Blog released a nice post about Dave and most of the info along with some of the links shared here were found as a result of his post.  To me, Dave Grega was mostly associated with the Pagan Centered Podcast and formally with the Proud Pagan Podcasters of which he was an integral part of for several years.

I didn’t know Dave personally, though we did chat on occasion and exchange messages online, he always had something nice to say about The Infinite and the Beyond (podcast) which I was very appreciative of.  Dave after all, though several years younger, came from a different generation of pagan podcasts.  When PCP started, originally known as the Pagan Clarion Podcast, they were among some of the early pagan podcasters and shared the internet-RSS-airwaves with the early years of The Wigglian Way (still in production) and deo’s Shadow (no longer available) so to receive a compliment from him felt good.

Many people who have been commenting on Dave have mentioned his brutal yet respectful sense of honesty which I can admit to having witnessed on more than one occasion.  However, this sense of honesty can be noticed in PCP itself.  When they decided to do live open-round-table shows, which they did weekly, for their Pagan Radio Network slot, I decidely sat in one night.  You may find it amusing to know that my attendance didn’t amount to any commentary from me during the recording because of how intimidating they all seemed.  Joining them for a live recording felt like walking into a cat fight because of how quick they were to counter point any statements that were made, but usually minus any venom; well that is except for certain topics where it was ok for the live recording to become a venom filled free-for-all!

In conclusion, I would like to close with a quote from Dave that is being used by many since his passing.  I’m not using this because it has been popular, but I am including it because it is not only a testament to who he was, but it is something worth knowing and I can honestly say that this is something that I need to hold onto and remember for my own sake.

“If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do for a while, start planning to get it done. If there’s something you don’t want to do – find an honorable way to stop doing it. If someone needs something and you like them and you can more than afford it (and they’re not a needy do-nothing)… give it to them. And for gods’ sake – don’t forget to tell people how much you value them before they keel over and die. Funerals are not a particularly useful time to tell someone how much they meant to you. I notice most people’s fears about death have more to do with regrets than anything else.” – Dave Grega (1984-2012)

Blessings to the memory and spirit of David Grega and to his partner Kat and their new-born daughter.

BB / 93!

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