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045_E.Dupree_HeadshotHello and thank you for joining me Down at the Crossroads for some Music, Magick, and Paganism where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today’s most influential Pagans, Occultists, and deep thinkers. Tonight, we meet with author and beloved Pagan blogger Erick DuPree who is seeking submissions for his anthology Finding the Masculine in Goddess’ Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess.  Erick and I have a great discussion about his path, his view of the Goddess, and being a priest of the Goddess in today’s world.

A popular blogger in the Pagan community, he is most known for Alone in Her Presence, a blog – turned book – turned column, now hosted on  As writer, he has contributed to numerous anthologies including surviving sexual trauma, race relations, and children’s faith development. He is author of Alone In Her Presence: Meditations on the Goddess,  and forthcoming books, The Hero Within: Reframing Masculinity with the Goddess and the anthology Finding Masculine in Goddess’ Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess, both by Immanion Press. –, Meet Erick

The songs featured in this episode were:

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Lloyd Hargrove · July 21, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Only half-way through but this but so far but it develops as quite very interesting in a tap tap kind of way. One thing about a self-recognized, lone-worship Servant/Priest… he’s certainly not out to fool anyone. Kudos to anyone who can perceive ultimate deity throughout the many diverse historical and cultural presentations, that is a very big hat.

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