That Time I Pulled The Magician Card

There was a time in the not so distant past that I did a single card pull from my tarot deck and the result really bothered me. It was during the night of the 2016 election, when Donald Trump gained a surprising lead and it wasn’t looking good for Hillary Clinton. In a moment of total bewilderment, I decided to pull a tarot card to see if it might add some context to the situation. The card I pulled was The Magician, (more…)

Riding the Smith-Waite Tarot Train…

As many tarot lovers have come to realize (or ignore, as the case may be), the notion that there is no perfect tarot deck is a tough reality to accept. It’s true and if you haven’t realized that yet, then I am truly sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The more time one spends working with the tarot, the more decks one acquires, collects, and lusts after. (more…)