The Lesson of the Yew

As many of you may remember, Chris and I signed a contract earlier this year with Weiser/Red Wheel Books to write a book about our style of traditional witchcraft. We had been working on it for quite some time before the contract was even solidified, as we are both very pragmatic creatures with contingency plan upon contingency plan stored away in our heads, and we are quite happy to say that as of last week, the first draft has been sent over to our editors for the review-and-revise part of the show. (more…)

Dreamtime and Journeywork

There is a place in my dreams where the sharks swim close to shore.

I’ve been traveling to that spot for years, ever since I was a child. At first, I didn’t know that sharks patrolled those waters- I could see other beach-goers in the water, no one was screaming or being bitten. No blood. So, I figured it was safe, right? (more…)

As of late…

I haven’t written one of these in a long time. It’s cool. There’s a lot of things going on with Tara and I, which includes the podcast, the coven, other ventures, and life in general.

The podcast. Will be coming back on track. Due to life, family, and the oppressive heat of the summer, there has been a brief gap in show production. This will be changing. Those of you who have been with the show for years may have noticed a pattern during this time of the year. The heat sucks and it sucks me dry of energy, which means little to nothing gets done. Plus with the need of the air conditioning to keep us comfortable and sane, turning it off to record an episode is always a concern. Not to mention the air conditioning units from our neighbors, which we can’t turn off, also create additional background noise in the show. Unfortunately we don’t have a better recording environment. I hope to change this in the future. (more…)