On this Samhain we remember and honor those who we have lost over the last year.  May their journey take them safely to the other side beyond the veil.

Though our time together has been short, may we meet again in the future and in the times hereafter.

The depth of our mourning is reflective of your blessings unto us.  My we cherish the memories of you and cultivate the positive influences that you have had in our lives.

We also honor the ancestors for without you, we would have never been.  Our existence is a result of your enduring legacy. Our blood is your blood and our children’s blood. Generations past and generations on. Each of us is merely one additional step on that eternal path and may our efforts bring us ever forward toward humankinds ultimate goal. May we continue to bring you honor, for it is your efforts, successes, and sacrifices which have brought us here to this moment.

So Mote It Be!



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