Skull Cauldron by Chris OrapelloAs of late I’ve been reading several books.  If you like, feel free to find and friend me on to see what I’ve been reading lately and what I will be reading in the near future.

I’m currently involved with a new piece for my Eclectic Artisans collection which has been inspired by my recent plunge into Traditional Witchcraft. As you can see here, my bronze skull cauldron is nearing completion as I work out the final design issues in wax.  It’s a somewhat stylized skull with a cauldron incorporated into the cranium with the whole item being supported by a low standing cross-bone footed base (the red parts are not a part of the piece).  This piece combines life, death, the ancestors, and transformation into one hot item that will be sure to add some serious presence to your altar.  If you’re interested in this item, contact me so you can be notified when it becomes available.

I also have several other items brewing, which I won’t be discussing any further until they get to a point similar to the cauldron, but trust me they’re going to be excellent!

Then there is everything else…. Tara and I are working on some things for us which will hopefully be announced in the next several months *crosses fingers*.  FYI – No, we’re not getting married.

Podcasting has been strong. I’m compiling E-32 of TI&TB as I write this entry as I do some preliminary reading for it.  I hope E-31 has been well received by everyone. Jason Miller is a fun guy to talk to!

I also have a big art project on the horizon. Too early to talk about, not pagan related, but could be big for me. Wish me luck!

Baphmetis Meditation should have some new meditation sessions soon.

Just a lot of busy busy going on. But that’s ok because that’s how I like it. 😉

BB / 93!



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