My carThis is just a little personal mental wandering over a recent event…

Yesterday, while at work, the front passenger side window of my car was smashed in and my stereo was stolen probably for drug money, as stated by the police officer who came to file a report.  You can see from the image shown, that they also destroyed my dashboard to get what they wanted.  Obviously who did this, had no idea how to quickly and simply remove a car stereo.  (There is video of the person entering and leaving the parking lot, but it’s difficult to identify them.)

Oddly I’m not angry about this, but am more confused and experiencing a sense of loss.  I don’t feel violated or victimized (as far as I can tell) nor am I happy about the incident.  I’m not trying to take the high road or to be optimistic.  Maybe I’m still in denial?

What I am sure about is that I am annoyed, not because of what happened, but because of what this situation has changed.  One change being, money which had a better purpose will now have to go towards this repair and the other change being that I now have a concern about where I work.  However, I think the redirection of funds is what bothers me most of all about this incident.

Years ago I would have gotten very angry over something like this, but now my reaction is far less subdued.  Ultimately, I don’t know what to make of it.  Perhaps there is a part of me that wants to categorize it. To understand it.  Maybe I’m not angry because I know that anger won’t change or fix anything and may actually make things worse?  And maybe the reason that this incident has not angered me, is that it hasn’t effected any of the enjoyable things that I currently have in my life?  As if, my joy is out-weighing or shielding me from any sadness or anger I could be feeling?

Who knows?  Regardless, happy equinox!


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Terry Comparetta Wagner · March 22, 2013 at 1:37 pm

I’m so sorry Chris – that sucks. But I think you’re in a good place with it – why raise your blood pressure over something you can’t control? The harm was done to an object – while that object may cost you a few bucks to replace, and the incident may have inconvenienced you a bit – the other side of this is that at least it wasn’t a mugging for drug money! Always look on the positive side.

    chrisorapello · March 22, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Thanks Terry! You’re right.

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