Today I had my first interview since being laid off in July (some of you were made aware of this unexpected turn of events). So, like any good cartomancer I pulled a card about the interview prior to leaving for it. What was the card I pulled? The Devil. In reverse.

The Devil will set me free, I thought. A reversed devil in tarot usually means liberation and self-awareness. So, I was happy about that. It felt good. It was nice to see old horny -in such a way and on such an occasion- as I ventured out to answer random questions and be judged by a complete stranger. Self-awareness was definitely something I needed to carry with me. The humbleness it provided seemed to help as I navigated the humps and hurdles of the interview, which may or may not have went well. It’s hard to tell. It seemed as if I was liked by my potential future boss and I know that’s a good thing because no one wants to hire someone they don’t like. Despite their background, no one wants to work with an asshole, let’s be honest. Assholes are a dime a dozen, much like opinions, and opinions from assholes are worth even less.

So, you might be wondering, did I get the job? It’s tough to say. They’re still interviewing for the position, but I feel good about it. I won’t know anything for three weeks, or so I was told. Perhaps they figure after three weeks I will have forgotten all about it? Who knows? At the very least, I got released from my chains and gained some experience with a process that has grown foreign to me. I guess on some level, despite any future employment realities, the devil has indeed set me free.

Shuffle thoroughly and deal wisely.



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