There was a time in the not so distant past that I did a single card pull from my tarot deck and the result really bothered me. It was during the night of the 2016 election, when Donald Trump gained a surprising lead and it wasn’t looking good for Hillary Clinton. In a moment of total bewilderment, I decided to pull a tarot card to see if it might add some context to the situation. The card I pulled was The Magician, which completely freaked me out because by the cards appearance it was all too clear as to what was happening. Though, without any current suspicion within the country or existing proof of corruption, collusion, or tampering at the time, me coming right out and revealing the card I had pulled (and what I thought it meant to anyone who would listen) would have just made me sound irrational and ridiculous. So, I kept it to myself, but I never forgot.

At that moment, The Magician spoke of someone in control. Someone who had applied all their resources. Someone who focused and dispensed all of their power and influence towards achieving a specific goal, by tipping the scales in their favor at whatever the cost. A trickster. A charlatan. Although at the time I had no idea what could have transpired, some additional things also became a little clearer to me. Such as the potential reason Mitch McConnell refused to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice upon the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, because even back then they knew things were in place to give them an advantage in the coming election through outside influences, gerrymandering, and quickly instituting voter laws that made it difficult for citizens to express their constitutional right. What happened in 2016 wasn’t an act of democracy. It was an act of ternary, treason, and theft. The ongoing investigation -with the recent indictment of Moscow and over a dozen of individuals- reveals that perhaps there was indeed something to my suspicions, which is looking more and more like an act of collusion with Russia by the day.

So, I waited to talk about drawing The Magician card until there was at least some basis for my initial suspicions. Now in 2018 -with all that is being learned- I think the time to talk about pulling The Magician card has come. It is now understood that interference with the 2016 election did in fact occur. What remains to be known is the extent of the interference, how it occurred, and who had a hand in it. The only good out of this situation is that our eyes have been opened to the vulnerability of our election system and until proper measures have been taken, all future elections are vulnerable to tampering and corruption.

Since this experience, single card draws have been immensely important in my life. From interactions with other people to the changes and developments in my career. The surprising accuracy a single card can convey has been extremely enlightening for better or worse. I now pull a card several times a week, sometimes for aid, sometimes for insight, and sometimes for simple practice. It’s great for learning to read and if you’re able to make use of one card, think of what you can do with a conversation of cards in a full spread?

Reading cards always fascinates me, because of how surprisingly on point they can be (Single card draws especially). But is the future certain? No. I think most spreads, while they may reveal the outcome over a course of time, are really more a reflection of the present. Because understanding the future is more about being observant about the present than it is about developing a super power or wearing special glasses. Most of the time in life ‘the cards’ (metaphorically speaking) are always on display for interpretation. You just need the awareness to recognize them for what they are and bear witness to what they are revealing. I think an actual tarot reading does something similar. It gives a clear face to the existing signs in your life and allows you better recognize them as definitive factors in your existence. Unfortunately though, sometimes we don’t want to see what’s directly in front of us. Sometimes reality conflicts too much with our heart that we’d do anything to ignore it. Much like the current threat to our future elections and our clearly fragile democracy. If we don’t observe the signs and respond accordingly to address the situation, then things are likely to get worse.

Life and tarot (or any act of divination) are very much intertwined, obviously. Nothing develops in a vacuum. The past and present give context to the foreseeable future. Everything that comes into being, does so from an established past carrying the momentum of the present. Much like steering a ship, the decisions we make now determine the course and direction of the future. Shuffle thoroughly and deal wisely.



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