The layout and approach to doing a Celtic Cross 10 card spread, varies from person to person.  So, I would like to introduce my version of a 10 card spread.  Enjoy!

1. The present – This represents the person in the moment.

2. That which is above you – This represents forces outside of one’s control.

3. That which is below you – This represents forces which are under one’s control.

4. The past – This represents the past as it pertains to the present and the matter at hand.

5. The current challenge – Covers the present. Viewed as a challenge or obstacle card.

6. The future – This is how things may proceed. Also relates to the card #10.

7. Factors affecting the situation

8. External influences

9. Hopes and fears

10. Final outcome

As you can see, much of the original spread is still intact, but some of the card meanings and their order of placement has been changed.  Laying out the spread in this manner addresses the balance of life more so than in other versions I have seen.  We start in the center and then move above and below.  Then the chronology of life is laid out from left to right with the sidebar of card from 7-10 remaining the same.

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