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047_lady_sable_aradiaHello and thank you once again for joining me down at the crossroads for some music, magick, and Paganism.  Where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today’s most influential Pagans, occultists, and deep thinkers. Tonight, we meet with witch, High Priestess, blogger, and author Lady Sable Aradia to discuss her new book The Witch’s Eight Paths to Power: A complete course in magick and witchcraft.  We have a great, friendly, and open discussion as we go into her experiences with writing the book as well as delving into some of its more controversial aspects, like ritual drug use, such as the incorporation of intoxicants and entheogens, and the heavy topic of sex in initiation within certain forms of traditional based Wicca.

In his Book of Shadows, Gerald Gardner writes about the witch’s Eightfold Way as a means of developing one’s magickal abilities. In this contemporary take on the Eightfold Way, author, Witch, and High Priestess Lady Sable Aradia invites readers to explore the eight different components of evolution in witchcraft.

Using exercises, meditations, and practical magick, any serious student of witchcraft will be able to master these eight paths and improve the effectiveness of their magickal work. From spells to sex rites to trance to flying ointments, Lady Sable has created a step-by-step guide to mastering the advanced arts of witchery. – The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power (back cover).

The songs featured in this episode were:

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1 Comment

Lloyd Hargrove · September 25, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Bewitching as usual in both conversation and musical accompaniment. I appreciate this show notes page to reflect upon what has passed and explore the links provided. And now that you have proven that it takes only 2 weeks between creations… heh heh.

I once wondered about the attraction of Witchcraft for recruiting ever more followers, and now I am beginning to better understand certain appealing aspects ever better thanks to the good Lady Sable Aradia. Those of us who have elected to keep oaths appreciate such thoughtful options. That said, there’s always much to be said for keeping with traditions when one can. 😉

Thanks once again.

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