OMG! Yes. We’re at the less than two month mark from the release of our book Besom, Stang, and Sword from Red Wheel / Weiser Books and we couldn’t be more excited! There’s even the possibility that it will become available a little before the scheduled date of December 1st -because that happens on occasion- and we encourage everyone to read, rate, and write an honest review of it when and where possible to help us out. If you ordered it online, please submit a review of it to that particular retailer, but you may have to wait for December for that to become an option on certain websites. We definitely want to hear what you think. All of the reviews go to help the book’s online standing and overall exposure, which includes the negative, overly critical, and even childish ones. (Oh internet, with your trifling banter and overtly jealous snobbery, we love you!)

Remarkably, the book has been available for pre-order for over the last six months and all the attention it has received has been extremely supportive, enthusiastic, and very encouraging. The more than a dozen endorsements featured in the book from various elders, authors, and community leaders have been extremely humbling (Thank you!). Plus, it was also recently reviewed by Mat Auryn over at his blog, For Puck’s Sake. Mat had some great things to say and we were delighted to read that he felt it will make a great book to recommend to those interested in learning more about Traditional Witchcraft. Thank you so much, Mat!

And now for a big reveal about the book itself that we had not mentioned before…

Besides the fact that the content builds upon itself as you go through the book, you may be surprised to learn that Besom, Stang, and Sword is also HEAVILY illustrated. Containing a total of 42 illustrations, 13 of which are full page images. And while all of the illustrations serve their own purpose in some way or another, a majority of them are actually there to create an additional unspoken aspect to the text. Because further information can be gleaned from the book by studying some of the imagery and realizing how they relate to each other. In addition to this aspect, the book not only teaches through text (12 chapters) and imagery, it also contains 28 exercises and 33 rituals and spells to help you step onto the crooked path. We hope this all sounds exciting to you, because we’re certainly happy with it!

Needless to say, we’re really looking forward to its release and we hope that you are too.


Chris & Tara

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[…] people will finally be able to see all the illustrations in the book, which is exciting. As mentioned previously, the illustrations serve the text in their own way and are not just for decoration. We can’t […]

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