To the sabbatI’m going to do these “As of Late” things here in this blog rather in the Podcast.

First and foremost, I have not podfaded! LOL  It’s weird that this is a current topic because just this morning I was thinking about how many shows seem to have faded.   For the record, I do not think the Pagan Podcasting Era is over.  HELL NO!  It’s just in transition. That’s all.

FYI… I’ve adjusted the format of the podcast if you hadn’t noticed.  I no longer play promos or commercials and I have been trying to make things tighter with less segways and such.  Also there will probably be an interview every episode that will be broken up by other interlaced segments. My recent episodes have reflected these changes.  I’m still interested in doing monthly shows, though I already botched that desire this year by missing March. *sigh*  However the “four episode year of 2012” was a bad year for me for sure, and will never happen again if I can help it!  Here’s to 2013! CHEERS!

In the past several months, I taught a Wicca 101 course that went well and I hope to be doing a 201 soon which I’m slowly writing.  So far, so good.  The first time around the 201 may be a series of scattered workshops until I get it all written.  I’m still debating how to proceed with it.  If you are interested in it, no matter where you are in the world, let me know because they tell me that this world-wide web thing is actually world-wide  (who knew?) and so the classes may be an option for you.

Also, back in the fall I took a British Traditional Wicca Course and I am now even technically a petitioner of a Gardnerian Coven that I love!  Busy busy.  My dedication will be happening the evening of April 26th if nothing changes.  As a result of all this, I have been getting very interested in non-religious i.e. Traditional European Witchcraft (oddly enough?) which some of my recent book purchases have reflected.

Life is good and interesting to say the least.  The book I put out – A Witch’s Journey – has been selling pretty well considering it was basically an experiment that turned out to be successful.  So, early next year be on the look out for A Witch’ Journey – 2014 with more material and witchy goodness to help you on your path!

Also, if you have been craving some of my items over at Eclectic Artisans, but have been sad because they are Sold Out?  Never fear because new stock will be available soon.

There you have it! 😀



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