What is a scourge?

A scourge is a small whip that is used for torture or in some mystical traditions scourges are used to incite an ecstatic experience, bring about purification, or to have a visionary experience.

I’m no expert in making scourges, but I wanted a scourge for my personal home altar for ritual use and since there appears to be very little instruction found online explaining how to make one, I thought I would share how I made mine using some simple items purchased locally for around $20.

Materials needed – *purchased from a craft store

  1. 2 pairs of outdoor leather work boot laces,  72″ in length.
  2. *2 wooden spools for the handle (based on width of the palm).
  3. *4 pack of 1 1/2″ wooden wheels (only need two).
  4. *1 wooden wheel 2″ for pommel.
  5. A pair of needle nose pliers.
  6. 3/8 drill bit or the same diameter as the laces when grouped up into 8 strings.
  7. A heavy gauge wire to act as a hook (16 gauge steel shown).
  8. A pair of scissors for any trimming.


The spools and the wooden wheels already had holes in them which is one of the reasons they were picked.  I was hoping to find an interesting wooden candlestick that I could modify, but to no avail.  However, the spools and wheels I think made a nice alternative.  A drill bit was used to open the holes up (obviously, a drill is also needed for this purpose) to accommodate the thickness of the leather.  The original holes worked nicely as a guide for the 3/8 drill bit I used.  With the leather I used, the 3/8 drill bit created a nice snug hole for the leather cord.


1. I decided on using leather shoelaces because they’re meant to take a beating (That was a joke. Get it?)  Some craft stores sell leather cord that will actually break if pulled too tight which doesn’t suit our purpose so I do not recommend buying leather cord that is craft store grade.  The leather work boot laces worked perfectly.  The two pairs of laces gave me four leather cords that were each 72″ in length.  When folded in half they gave me eight cords that were 36″ in length. Follow me?  This number can be modified depending in more cords are desired.  DO NOT cut the laces.  The loop that they create when folded in half will come in handy as you will see.


2. Using the heavy gauge wire, I threaded it through the individual pieces of wood in the order that they need to be to function as the handle.


3.One end of the wire was hooked around the loop that the leather cords created as a result of folding them in half.  The wire was twisted around itself to secure it.


4. The other end of the wire was wrapped around the needle nose pliers to also secure it.


5. The leather was then pulled through each section of wood, making sure it stayed tight and did not bunch up as it was taken through each part.


6.  Pull the leather all the way through the handle.


7. Giving yourself enough material to work with, tie the leather with a simple knot to keep it from pulling back out.  The snug fit of the holes in the wood ensure that the leather won’t slide out in the other direction.  This is also the reason you need a heavy gauge wire to help draw the leather through the handle.


8.  After tying the end, pull the handle parts back down into the pommel to ensure a tight fit.  From here you can decorate the handle as you see fit or tie knots in the cord if you like.


Of course there may be a better way to make one, but this method seems to work fine.  And, yes you can always go out and buy one, but I don’t think you’ll find one for under $20 that is as nice as this.  This way is simple and quick and after all who doesn’t like making their own tools?


 For  more information please check out:

“Modern Sex Magick” by Donald Michael Kraig



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